Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wonderful day on the trail. Our More Powerrrr Workday was a success. I played machete warrior clearing a path for the weed warrior crew (Perry, Jim, Scott) to clear a 4+ foot wide swath through some very dense underbrush. The chain saw avenger (Corey) did a knock up job until an almost petrified old log dulled the chain and brought the chainsaw work to a premature halt. The rest of the crew (Amanda, Bryan, Bob, Shane) mercilessly attacked the stobs with axes and polaskis.Thank you all for joining in today's work without volunteers like you the trails at Wyco lake would not exist.

Our next big workday will be Saturday September 27th in honor of National Public Lands day.

Meet @ Shelter 14

Work: 9am-noon

Goal: benching from west dam trail past the foundation.

Tasks: benching , destobing, raking, brush removal, vine and tree trimming, trash pick up.

Tools: Grub hoes, Cutter Mattocks, Pulaskies, McClouds, Tampers, Spring Rakes, Bow Rakes, Loppers.

Safety gear: safety glasses, long pants, long sleeves, gloves, bug spray, hard hats (optional), Face shields (optional), Brain Not optional!

Who: Everyone this is family friendly workday we have work for everyone and every skill level. Volunteers under 18 require a responsible adult present unassisted children will be feed to the raccoons.

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