Friday, September 19, 2014

National Public Lands Day (NPLD) is a week away on September 27th, 9am at shelter 14 of Wyandotte County Lake Park for full details follow this like to our facbook event or jusk look to the sidebar of this blog at our calender.  We have made major strides getting foundation trail off its feet already this season.  We have cleared a ruff corridor.

We have done some benching.

We even Built a bridge.
 With a good turnout on NPLD  we should be able to finish the workday extremely close or possibly even being able to officially open the trail to traffic wouldn't that be nice.
Many people who have yet to participate in a trail workday ask me what a trail workday is like. I think the best way to describe  trail Masons Association Workday is you take a group of wonderful people and go play games in the woods.
On National public lands day we have a game for everyone the following are some of the games you can come help us play.
If you like working alone or in a small group you can have fun playing Whack-A-Stob the object of this game is to pick a stob of your choice and whack it with a Polaski, Cutter Mattock, or Axe until the stob and its root ball is removed.  Then repeat there are very few games that are as therapeutic after a frustrating week of work then Whack-A-Stob.
If you're more of a team player then  Line Benching may be for you think line dancing only with garden tools.  You start with a 4-6 person team and a section of trail that needs benching.  The “Setter” needs a good trail eye and acts as the team leader they will take a Rogue Hoe or Cutter Mattock and set the top line of the bench cut for the rest of the team to follow. They are followed by 1-2 “Diggers” armed with Cutter Mattocks they remove the majority of the dirt creating a rough bench. The “Shaper” follows the Diggers and using a Rogue Hoe cleans up the back slope and shapes the camber of the working thread.  All this is followed by the “Tamper” Last but not least this individual determines if the finished trail looks awesome or sloppy.  By using using a Mcleod and shovel they will smooth out and tamp the tread and will spread the waste dirt or “scree” downslope unless it is needed as fill at different section of trail, where they will shovel it into a wheelbarrow or onto a tarp to be transferred to another location.  
Another game we have at Wyco is Find That bottle. Don't worry this is nothing like Spin the Bottle. At Wyco we have over 80 years of bottle and can history hidden in the woods. Your job is to search and collect all the bottles and cans you can without coming down with a fatal case of poison Ivy. In the end you get to keep the ones you like and recycle the ones you don't.
So come out and play some games with us in the woods on national public lands day. Think of the fun you're missing.  I hope to see you there.
After the games there will be socializing with BYOB and Possibly even some food.

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