Thursday, August 14, 2014

School is back in session and a few rides have ended in the waning light of late summer so that's when us trail builders start thinking about skipping a ride or run and picking up the hoe and playing in the dirt instead. I have put together a tentative schedule of workdays for this fall.
These workdays will mostly focus on the build out of the West Dam Singletrack Trails extending from the Shelter 14 area. I will most likely  host other workdays with less notice posted up on our  Facebook group a few days before the work to be preformed those workdays will be more focused on existing trail maintenance and improvements.

Our first workday will be: the MORE POWERRRRR WORKDAY!!!
Sunday September 7th 
Meet @ Shelter 14
Work: 9am-noon
Goal: Full clearing of Foundation trail corridor.
Tasks: Deadfall clearing, Brush cutting, Weed eating, destobing, vine removal, honeysuckle thinning.
Tools: Chainsaws, Weed eaters, Brush Blades, machetes, axes, hatchets, anything with a loud motor or a sharp edge.
Safety gear: safety glasses, long pants, long sleeves, gloves, hearing protection, bug spray, hard hats (optional), Face  shields (optional), Brain Not optional!
Who: This workday is Adults only!!!  99% of our workdays are family friendly and we want to see the next generation of trail lover out and involved however this workday is very heavy on horror movie props and there are just to many ways you can get hurt.  Our next workday in honor of National Public Lands Day, September 27th will be perfect for you to bring out the entire family. 

Our second workday of the season and we need a large turnout for this one is for: 
National Public Lands Day. 
Saturday September 27th
Meet @ Shelter 14
Work: 9am-noon
Goal: benching from west dam trail to the foundation.
Tasks: benching , destobing, raking, Brush removal, Vine and tree trimming, trash pick up.
Tools: Grub hoes, Cutter mattocks, Pulaskies, McClouds, Tampers, Spring Rakes, Bow Rakes, Loppers.
Safety gear: safety glasses, long pants, long sleeves, gloves,  bug spray, hard hats (optional), Face shields (optional), Brain Not optional!
Who: Everyone this is family friendly workday we have work for everyone and every skill level. Volunteers under 18 require a responsible adult present assisted children will be feed to the raccoons.
After Work: I hope to have some food and refreshments available for some after workday relaxation and recovery details to follow closer to the workday.

I will fill in info for the remaining workdays as the season progresses our hope is to have Foundation trail, The Point Trail and Lake View trails completed and in use by summer 2015. 

P.S. If you come up with better trail names feel free to tell me I used what seemed obvious when I was putting the project planning map together.

See you on the Trail...


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